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Live Trading Room

Trading Emini Futures for a Living and Trade the Open

No Watch list, stop doing homework and get in and out of a trade within seconds

We only trade few minutes before the market opens and finish 1 to 2 hours. If the range is too tight, we might not trade at all that day. These trades are based on strategies we teach at Best Trading Academy

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Best Futures Trading Room


What goes in our Live Trading Room


Our focus is always one point target but entering trades based on high quality probability versus scalping trades. We rather focus on getting in at the right time and get out within few minutes versus waiting all day and waste our time and money. Coming from the best trades to learn from our Best Trading Academy. These high probability trades are close to 100% successful and typical trading day, we'll get 1-2 signals. If you are current futures trader, or wanting to get into futures trading, join the alert and see the amount of success we produce!


  • live futures trading room
  • live futures trading room
  • live futures trading room
  • live futures trading room
  • Live Trading Room Alerts Web App, Desktop or Mobile Alert Notification. Receive the best futures trade alerts. We trade from 9:10-12pm EST. Trade the open

    Trader Community Room. We use Slack and fun with Emoji's and Gifs. Help each other grow as day traders

    We provide 1-2 trades alerts per day. JUST ONE TO TWO HOURS A DAY TRADING! Few live trades and your subscription is paid for!

    START TRADING EMINI FUTURES. Cancel ANY time. The Best E Mini Futures trading Room EVER! Ready to Join?

    Our EMini Live Futures Trading Features:

    - Real Time Live Emini Futures Trade Alerts | Daily Trade Alerts | Intraday Futures Trading | LIVE TRADING ROOM!
    - Trader Community Room. We have General Chat and Trade Chat. Hang out!
    - Futures Market: ES Mini, Emini, $ES_F, S&P 500 Futures, SPX, SPY trading
    - Futures Index/Market Insight, better entry methods.
    - TWO week FREE trial/ CANCEL ANYTIME Trading Subscription
    - We provide 1-2 e mini signal trades alerts per day. We are only open from 9:10-12pm EST since that's when the market is the most active. We recommend trading one per day! The trades are 100% successful trade alerts, we are human so if we make a mistake on the entry point we will tell you to get out with a small loss. Few live Futures trades and your subscription is paid for!
    We focus on 1 or 2 point profit with our intraday futures trading strategies. Get in and out quick and produce higher probability or winning in the futures market. Most trades are exited within few minutes to 20 minutes. Our trading chatroom alerts opens via U.S Market hours, sometimes night sessions.
    -International payment accepted!

    Ready to Join our Emini Trading Room?




    day emini futures

    Our trades are based on 100% success rate (unless we mention trades that have lower probability). We offer our Futures Trading Academy to help our current students become successful traders. You can join our Futures Trading Room for our alerts. Join the Club!

    There are many Stock Trading Room where they don't provide enough time for you to get in. It's all show and no tell. We want to make sure that we provide enough time for each entry. You can always let us know if you are not getting in on time and we can try to help everyone

    Take our Emini strategy Course

    Keep in mind THAT...

    The live trading room futures alerts are not trading advice. Past result does not represent future results. Please read the Disclosure when signing up for our futures trading room.


    Best Futures Trading Room review testimonial

    "Ive been using the chat room for 2 months now. Originally I was making good money and the alerts but I was still struggling to understand the concept behind it. I then signed up for the cousre and now I have a full grasp and understanding of how the market works. It has also fine tuned my trading so that along with the alerts I can anticipate things a fraction earlier so that I can get in at the right time as well as cover myself once Ive seen the tell tail signs of the market reversing. I went from an absolute beginner to making good money very shortly. It was a steep learning curve at the beginning but by following along closely to the instruction in the course I have been able to fine tune my trades and grow with confidence. I now feel fully confident to trade on my own and along with the alerts put out in the chat I can take full advantage of making a living through trading" - Sam

    Best Futures Trading Room review testimonial

    "I subsrcribed for the course few months ago and it turned out to be worth every penny. I learned many thins throughout the course and specifically I learned a strategy that turn out to be very profitable. Very highly recommended. The chatroom was and still is a very good reference for me while trading. Always very good input and information about when to buy and sell is always in real time. If you are starting and want someone to rely on this is the place to be" - Sherif

    Best Futures Trading Room review testimonial

    "After years of loosing money trying different courses and different techniques finally found the right 100% percent recommended" - Alain

    live futures trading room


    See the Trade Alerts sent through automation. There is a delay but you can see how we provide trade alerts, get to know and understand our futures trading room better



    We use Zapier Integration to connect our Futures Trading Room from Slack to Twitter and Stocktwits. There is some delay for the alerts from the chatroom to Twitter but you can see how many we trade.