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Frequently Asked Question Futures Trading Room

Frequently Asked Question Futures Trading Room

Got Questions Regarding Trading for a Living with Our Futures Trading Room?

Here are few about our futures trading room and how we can help you understand little bit more about what we do and how we trade for a living.

How Much Is Your Normal Day You Make or Lose Trading?

For me personally, I trade between 3-40 contracts at a time so it depends on personal position size. Any beginner that wants to join the futures trading room should start out with 1 contract or even paper trade so that you can get comfortable trading the alerts, see the probability of winning and oberserving how the traders trade the alerts. You want to get comfortable in the chatroom and you can ask questions directly or in #general chat or on the trade alert channel.


The real alerts consist of the keyword $ES_F BOT/SHT _____ STOP ______These trades are 100% successful and we typically trade 1-2 a day, only trading 2-3 hours a day. Sometimes when we see more action in the market, we want to make sure that each trade is perfect, if we made a mistake we will tell you to get out and hope for a 1-3 tick loss.

How Much Money Can I Make Day Trading Futures for a Living

This again depends on how much capital you have and we recommend you trading with one contract or none to make sure you trade the alert and go through all the learning curve before getting in. Once you get the feel for the trading room, you can add position but we do not recommend leveraging too much money. We do and can lose on trades and you might not be able to handle losing emotionally and try to revenge trade and lose all your money. Trade within the alerts and you'll definitely make money trading futures for a living.

Why Automated Trading Software Won't Work

Building out this algorithm is difficult since the parameters are bit complex to implement. Most if not all trading signals and automation can ruin your account since each algorithm is trying to win and fool each other. We are also not looking for people to trade their money, we are looking to build a community and encourage others, help each other hold accountable to our trades, don't let each other over trade, revenge trade and feel a part of a trader community we hope to gather together and celebrate our wins.

What Broker Do You Use?

I personally use Philip Capital with Ninjatrader Platform. I purchased the platform for the easy ATM auto target and stop strategy so I can get in and out quickly. I also have VPS so that my fills are better but most importantly, travel anywhere and still have access to my broker to trade from anywhere. But that is up to you, you can also use Amp Futures, and other Futures brokerage and platform that you feel comfortable with. We are not here to sell you anything except to build a community with successful traders. If you use TopStepTrader platform, please contact us for the best risk management strategy.

How Many Points is Your Target?

We ONLY go for one point target. Anything higher than that is being greedy. Since algorithms fluctuate between 3 ticks and few points, we found the perfect advantage to take breadcrumbs from these action. There will be days when we lose because our one point did not get filled. We try to avoid these type based on me initially getting in on the first trade to understand what the value is for the day. Depending on the volatility, we might try for 2 points but that is also dangeous since most algorithmns switch for one point to two point target to fool us!

Do You Trade All Day?

Typically, trade pre U.S Market Until 11am. The best day is between 30 minutes before the U.S market opens until 3 hours and since the market dies during lunch hour, we might also visit back to see how the market is doing and decide if we want to get in.

Why Don't You Trade the Futures All Day?

The chatroom was originally created to help the students of the Futures Online Trading Academy and help them identify the trades based on the course. After 11am or 12pm EST, if there are no trades left, our focus is to stay with the students of the course on a separate channel and help them succeed and create professional traders. The futures trading alerts can help people make trades within those few hours with almost 90% success. Trading is not about every opportunity but understanding when those opportunities arrive. If you want to dream about becoming a high frequency trader, you will lose money.

Can I Trade Part Time with the Chatroom?

Yes! However, try to leave 9:10am-12pm EST open for the best trade alerts so you can go about your day!

Do You Offer Refund?

Because of the system we are using, we can only issue refunds for subscription that was charged the same day. If you request one day after, we cannot issue you a refund. You are agreeing to this terms and condition when signing up for our subscription alert service.

Best Time to Trade Futures

Expanding the FAQ: "Do You Trade All Day". The best time to trade futures emini is 10-20 minutes before the U.S market opens until 2-3 hours after the U.S market opens. Then lunch time grinding happens or something there are some opportunities there. 2-3 hours before the market closes we then see if we can see direction of the market and trade at that time frame. 

Why Join the Emini Trading Room?

You might be beginner who wants to get an idea of how you can trade, or a veteran who wants to supplement other traders success. In the day of trading automation, and traders who live all over the world, you need that human interaction, a sense of community, and number one reason: to make money. While we train people how to trade, we want you to learn the proper technique and you might not be able to afford the trading course. Futures trading room can help you see how important it is to trade the perfect opportunities versus trading every single opportunity. You'll soon realize that your emotions can get in the way of success.

How to Trade the Chatroom

PLEASE TRADE ONLY THE 100%ers. These alerts do not provide any % before announcing the alert. Before an alert happens, we will announce 60% buying at 2500 and then the following $ES_F BOT 2500 stop 2498, or 80% short at 2400 and then $ES_F SHT 2400 stop 2402.

If no percentage is announce prior to the alert, those who are 100%er.

If you do decide to trade 60-90% risk/reward ratio percentage. Understand that I trade big size on the 100%. For example, get in 100%er with 20-30 contracts. If I get in on 60-90%er alers, I will typically use 1-2 contract size versus my big size. This is to avoid a total loss and minimizing risk. We are only using fractio of the houses money when trading 60-90%er versus 100%ers. If you have a small account and can only trade 1 contract size, JUST TRADE THE 100%ers!

Why We Have 60-90% Day Trade Alerts as Well

PLEASE DO NOT TRADE THESE, AS THESE ARE TESTING ALERTS. As a trader you want to win but also detect losing streak

My minimum loss is usually 2, maybe 3 so I used the higher risk to identify how well I trade but more importantly how well I am in the mindIt’s hard to stop trading so I have these signals to tell me to stop tradingIf my higher risk are winning then I continue. This is why I trade 1-2 contract on these high risk trade so it’s not damaging enough but indicates where I am in the mind and it’s 1/10 or 1/30th of the risk. My 100%er I trade anywhere from 1-50 contracts. So please have a system and understand your risk on trading higher riskIf you’re trading 3-5 contracts on 100%er you can trade the higher risk but don’t trade all of them you’re 1/3 or 1/5 risk of losing your 100%er profit

Why We Trade Only Emini Futures

ES is safer with less risk, more liquid
CL, NQ, 6E, GL all have huge drawdown stops but it does work

ES provides more 100%er versus all of them. Others have more noise of ups and down that needs more filtering.
Example: if we do 1-2 per day with ES, you might be able to trade others like 1-4 a week with them and more waiting profits are lot higher, however, its lot less than what ES provides.
In most cases, other instruments with toptrader will impact your drawdown each trade

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