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Wandering Introvert Futures Trader

10+ years expereinced trader. Trading A-Z, Pennystocks, prop firm, stocks, options, forex and futures market. I've used every indicators imagined and learn hundreds of different strategies. I wanted to find the perfect, golden ticket strategy. While pursuing the ultimate goal, I've failed miserably and succeeded based on pure luck.

I even learned programming to build algorithms. However, I decided to remove every indicators and strategies from my chart and go naked. Stripped everything I knew from my experience and go back to understanding moves, patterns, time references, volume, time and sales. I've found a strategy that produced 100% profitablity with 10-20% human error. With this strategy, I created the Best Trading Academy and the Best Trading Chatroom.

I take take a trade, set my target and stops and never stress about how the market is going to move. Since then, people asked me how I became so successful and started the Online Trading Academy and the Futures Trading Room.

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Im a bit of Jack of All trades. Having graduated high school and becoming and Audio Engineer, then an Electrician, which took me from working on roofs in the blistering Australian sun to underground coal mines. It was after all of this that I decided to move to Colombia and opened up a hostel which taught me a whole bunch of new business skills. 


As much as I loved my hostel, talking to fellow travelers and enjoying company, it was hard earning Colombian Pesos which don’t transfer to much, especially when I wanted to travel all the time. It was then that I decided to start Day Trading through a recommendation from one of my guests. After learning some basics from him I invested my travel savings account on a whim, to see how i would go. After not much success I decided to seek out some more professional advice. The idea of the chat room was attractive to me because I dint need to know much personally but instead follow the success of people who know what they are doing. 


After being able to get my account back into the green and see some profit coming through I was able to invest more time and money into this new career. I sold my hostel and did the day trading course. Lucky for me Wandering lived in Medellin as well so I was able to make advantage and trade alongside him everyday constantly picking his brain. After refining my skills and having a better understanding of how things worked and the strategy that is used for the chat I was then invited to help out with the trade alerts. 


After a successful year of doing that I can now proudly say that we have partner up and we both work together to help other traders become successful like ourselves. I can say that after working so many different jobs this is where i feel the most fulfilled as it allows me to have the kind of lifestyle that I have always wanted.