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Wandering Introvert Futures Trader

10+ years expereinced trader. Trading A-Z, Pennystocks, prop firm, stocks, options, forex and futures market. I've used every indicators imagined and learn hundreds of different strategies. I wanted to find the perfect, golden ticket strategy. While pursuing the ultimate goal, I've failed miserably and succeeded based on pure luck.

I even learned programming to build algorithms. However, I decided to remove every indicators and strategies from my chart and go naked. Stripped everything I knew from my experience and go back to understanding moves, patterns, time references, volume, time and sales. I've found a strategy that produced 100% profitablity with 10-20% human error. With this strategy, I created the Best Trading Academy and the Best Trading Chatroom.

I take take a trade, set my target and stops and never stress about how the market is going to move. Since then, people asked me how I became so successful and started the Online Trading Academy and the Futures Trading Room.

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