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Our Trading Alert Services

We're not here to show off gadgets, charts, indicators, audio to make our chatroom look fancy like others. Our point is to get the perfect trades and make them as much as possible. Our goal is to trade 1-2 a day and that's it. Some places offer sales gimmick to lure you to think that you need "those" things and in all honesty, those are really for show. ALL INDICATORS are lagging indicators. We trade on what is actually happening at that very moment. Futures trading is amazing, especially the ES Mini Futures, because it provides ton of transparency compare to other instruments. We have one data source (exchange), and not multiple dark pool. 


Here's What We Currently Offer for Our Futures Trading Chat Room Service:


Slack Channel: You can use their Web app, Desktop app, or mobile app and receive notification of our trade alerts.

Realtime alerts: We attempt to provide real time execution. Because we are using Slack, the notification is instant. We do not chat up assumption or after the fact like many others. We tell you black and white. We do not let others write their opinions about the market. 

Trades: 1 or 2 trades per day with the highest probability success rate in the industry. We try to get these trades near the open so we can enjoy the rest of the day

Remove the noise: As mentioned briefly, we do not chat about speculation, we are looking for huge anticipation move that make sense. We do not chat on possibility, assumption, opinions and have people make decisions on their own. It's not a community where people can share their prospective trades, you can do that on Stocktwits if you want to feel good about yourself, we are here to make money. Compare our service to chat services that offer "POSSIBLE" picks and "LATE" entries. We don't want baggage and we just want to trade and provide these alerts. Making it very simple and clean. We are not here to hype things up. 

Feedback: We try to help you as much as possible to succeed. We're happy to share our experience, advise, best practices. 


VOLUME DOES NOT IMPACT ENTRY. However, we will closely monitor the market to see if our entries and exits are compromised and we might need to close our doors in the near futures.



We are currently offering this for:



What we are Planning for the Future

Futures Trade Alert Live Streaming of our DOM and a chart to fill the screen!


We are currently testing the YouTube Live Streaming for our possibly screen live sharing private to our members. While Slack and their notification is top notch, for those who feel visually wanting to get in as we get in, we are looking at this possibility. We trade with real money so the point of this is to show you that each trade alerts we provide, we also get in. 


We will be using Ninjatrader and we are looking at the possibility of adding a chart into our screen share so that you can have our chart and your chart (there's no point in doing this). We are not going to provide any indicators since we don't use them. There might be a possibility of adding a trend indicator for those who wants to feel good having multiple monitors. The truth is that we only use our laptop for trading and we don't have a desktop so we are still working on getting the most out of this feature. 


Once a month Q&A webinar


Whether you going to just trade the alerts or wanting to learn more, you can ask questions! We won't discuss our specific trading strategies but we are able to help you with psychology, philosophy, methods, best practices, terminology, optimization, how to become a successful trader or anything else. Our goal for the webinar is to help create a dialogue and analyze them and put it into action. Life questions, Trading questions, etc. Having been in this journey (wandering introvert) alone, I've encountered experiences that can be put into a movie. 


We are expecting this price to be $350/month.